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Climate change confronts cities with new challenges. They have to face the causes and consequences of climate change with new urban concepts. Climate friendly urban development more than ever demands for integration of the manifold social, ecological and economical aspects. Additionally, complexity and uncertainty confront decision makers with particular difficulties. Until today only few and mostly large cities developed concepts to face climate change. Particularly medium and small sized municipalities lack (human) resources and capacities restraining them in developing appropriate adaptation strategies.

This is the point of departure of KlimaExWoSt: Current problems and constraints are analysed and approaches for a climate friendly urban development are tested within this project. The following topics are focussed:

Principles of climate friendly urban development

What are possible outcomes of climate change in urban environments? Which aspects of urban development are affected? Which options for adaptation exist in the urban context? These and many other questions about this topic are covered in the ExWoSt-publications (available German language only).

Decision support for urban development

Based on scientific evidence a decision support system (DSS) was developed focussing on German municipalities as central actors. This DSS called “Stadtklimalotse” (city climate guide) supports the identification and implementation of appropriate measures for mitigation and adaptation in urban development.

International examples for climate-friendly urban development

Good examples for climate change adaptation strategies can be found all over the world. This website features good-practice examples in London, Rotterdam, Capetown and Ho Chi Minh City. These examples are supplemented by a comprehensive set of international guidelines and handbooks focusing on implementation of adaptation strategies.

Adaptation strategies on different regional levels

Adaptation is relevant at different spatial scales (international, national, regional and local) and is determined by intensive discussions among professionals and politicians. A choice of important political strategy papers aims at facilitating access to the topic.

This website is being developed within the research project "Klimawandelgerechte Stadtentwicklung - Ursachen und Folgen des Klimawandels durch urbane Konzepte begegnen" (Climate change-proof urban development - tackling causes and effects of climate change by urban concepts). The project is part of the framework programme “Experimenteller Wohnungs- und Städtebau (ExWoSt)” (Experimental Housing and Urban Development) and is being commissioned by Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) and the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR).

Please note: most parts of this website are available in German language only.



During the project so far a series of five online publications has been published. These publications discuss various aspects of the topic climate change-proof urban development. These are:

• Climate-proof urban development - an overview
• Impacts of climate change in urban areas
• Visions and instruments for climate-proof urban development
• Climate-proof planning: the existing practice
• Approaches towards climate-proofing in urban development

These publications are available online (in German language only):

BMVBS/BBSR (Hrsg.): Ursachen und Folgen des Klimawandels durch urbane Konzepte begegnen. Skizzierung einer klimawandelgerechten Stadtentwicklung, BBSR-Online-Publikation 22/09

The first publication of the project on climate-proof urban development mainly offers local decision-makers guidance and background information by providing cornerstones of an urban and regional framework for action adaptation to climate change.

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BMVBS/BBSR (Hrsg.): Klimawandelgerechte Stadtentwicklung: Wirkfolgen des Klimawandels. BBSR-Online-Publikation 23/09

This publication on impacts of climate change in urban areas focuses on the description of the problem. It presents the effects of climate change on urban areas and the causes for their occurrence. Accordingly it constitutes the basis for the determination of problem situations caused by the effects of climate change on city level with a short, medium and long term perspective.

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BMVBS/BBSR (Hrsg.): Klimawandelgerechte Stadtentwicklung: Leitbilder und Instrumente. BBSR-Online-Publikation 24/09

This publication on visions and instruments for climate-proof urban development provide important guidance for urban development. Concrete action to adapt to the unavoidable consequences of climate change requires appropriate planning and legal instruments. A central issue of this publication is whether and to what extent urban adaptation to climate change is taken up and established in urban development.

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BMVBS/BBSR (Hrsg.): Klimawandelgerechte Stadtentwicklung: Planungspraxis. BBSR-Online-Publikation 11/10 (updated version of the BBSR-Online-Publikation 25/09)

Focus of this online publication is laid on the practical approach of municipalities towards climate change and adaptation. This is an ex-post analysis of local climate protection concepts, closing with recommendations for more integrated and strategic approaches such as agreements on objectives. Previously, the - mostly quite complex - access to public funding is described. Finally, good-practice examples are presented.

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BMVBS/BBSR (Hrsg.): Klimawandelgerechte Stadtentwicklung: "Climate-Proof Planning". BBSR-Online-Publikation 26/09

The final online publication in this series sets out approaches and methods which can potentially improve of the development of our cities and urban regions towards more climate friendly development. It complements practically the overview on climate-proof urban development (22/09). In addition to outlining the elements of a "climate proofing" and the need for governance approaches the question of environmental justice in cities of a changing climate is discussed.

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BMVBS/BBSR (Hrsg.): Querschnittsauswertung von Status-quo Aktivitäten der Länder und Regionen zum Klimawandel. BBSR-Online-Publikation 17/11

This report presents the current state of comprehensive regional planning to address climate change in the federal states and selected planning regions. It addresses the issues of mitigation as well as adaptation towards climate change. The presentation is based on guidelines, the Ministerial Conference on Comprehensive Regional Planning (MKRO) specified in its concept for action " Handlungskonzept der Raumordnung zu Vermeidungs-, Minderungs- und Anpassungsstrategien im Hinblick auf die räumlichen Konsequenzen des Klimawandels ". The results are based on an analysis of various literature sources, as well as on a two-stage survey of regional planning agencies of the federal states and selected planning regions. The publication provides an overview and a systematic classification of the existing activities to mitigate and adapt to climate change by both, federal states and planning regions, and describes the spatial planning instruments to be used for mitigation and adaptation to climate change and whether they are sufficient for complex tasks.

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BMVBS/BBSR (Hrsg.): Klimawandelgerechte Stadtentwicklung - Ursachen und Folgen des Klimawandels durch urbane Konzepte begegnen. Forschungen, Heft 149

Climate change calls for development of strategies for protection and adaptation towards climate change in the cities and urban regions as well as for coordination of activities with other urgent tasks of sustainable urban development. This publication documents the results of the study on "climate-friendly development". In addition to typological basics on selected problems related to the effects of the climate change the fields of action with respect to climate change –oriented urban development are presented as well as a respective planning framework. The results point towards the tool "Stadtklimalotse", an online decision support system, which includes the cornerstones of an urban and urban-regional framework for action to climate adaptation. The publications in the field of action of a climate change-oriented urban development are meant to support local decision-makers in climate adaptation and is thus a contribution to the implementation of the German ”Klimaschutznovelle” (climate protection amendment).

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